Air Source Heat Pumps

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An Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) is a refrigerant based system, like your refrigerator at home. The system can absorb low grade heat from the air, and raise its temperature efficiently to be suitable for space heating and/or hot water, an air source heat pump system and can provide water temperatures of up to 60°C (without backup electric heater) in ambient temperatures as low as -25°C*.

For every 1kW of electricity fed into an air source heat pump you could get at least 3kW of heating energy.
From small flats to large detached houses, and from an office block to a school, heat pumps offers an alternative choice to traditional heating systems. Heat pumps are a reliable, sustainable heating technology and able to provide efficient space heating and hot water all year round.

Like any heating system, it works effectively in properties with high levels of thermal efficiency. Where possible we recommend undertaking basic improvements in existing properties such as cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and double glazing, before installing a heat pump.