KG 90 BW Wood Burning Cooker and Special Series

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This special series consists of the wood burning cooker and three modules which can be combined with various functions. The special series models are available in two colours and can be customised with two profiles.

The island can be composed of 2 or 4 modules.
Between modules can be placed opposite a recessed channel (90 or 180 based on the number of modules) that can be customized with a variety of selectable elements, to have a space of orderly and effective work.

The Modules are:

The Wood burning cooker – The centre-piece of the set.

The Gas Burning cooker – Fantastic complement to the wood burning cooker.

The Sink – Larger Tank and a Practical, large lower bin which can be removed in stainless steel for differentiated waste.

The Worktop – A large worktop with large draw to store wood or other tools.

entire structure in enamelled steel:

– Ivory

– Black

Profiles and Primary Air Knob

– Brass

– Stainless Steem

KG 90 BW

Wood Stove of the special series with whole structure in black enamelled steel or ivory.
Griddle cast iron with removable rings Ø 25 cm or ceramic glass (80 × 48 cm)

Other equipment:
• Black enameled interior oven with internal light, thermometer, removable grill, removable drip pan
• oven sizes: 41 × 42.5 × 29.5 cm
• oven capacity: 51 liters
• warming compartment under the oven: 41x50x10 cm
• Support oven removable grid to facilitate cleaning


width    cm    90
depth    cm    65
height    cm    91
useful power    kW    7.6
return    %    78.6
fuel consumption    kg / h    2.1
Ø smoke outlet    cm    15
Ø air intake    cm    10
total weight    kg    230
vol. heatable (insul. prev. 10/91)    m³    200