NIBE F2120 + VVM 500

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All-in-one indoor unit cabinet solution NIBE VVM 500 and NIBE F2120.

NIBE VVM 500 indoor unit takes care of your hot water demand and ensures that the correct heating power is sent to your heating system in the most efficient way. Heat production is reliable and economical with integrated hot water coil, circulations pumps, solar coil, control system and immersion heater.

NIBE VVM 500 is equipped with the new generation controller for comfort, good economy and safe operation. Clear information about status, operating time and all temperatures in the system is shown on the large and easy to read display.

The indoor unit is connected to the air/water outdoor unit and your house heating distribution system. It is prepared for connection to a number of different products and accessories, e.g solar or other external heat source, extra water heater, swimming pool and climate systems with different temperatures.