Aris and Aris Plus Pellet Stoves

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Pellet stove with ceramic sides, top and insert in four colour options: grey, parchment, off-white and red.

Aris Plus is equipped with a fan for producing hot air which can be ducted to other rooms with special optional kits.

Aris and Aris Plus are available in ceramic, steel or soapstone. The steel and ceramic can come in different colours.


• Leonardo system
• Cast iron and steel firebox
• Rear and upper smoke outlet Ø 8 cm
• Remote control with display
• Daily / weekly programming

• Ducting kit (Aris Plus)
• GSM, allows for switching the stove on/off via mobile phone

Technical data   min/max

width 53cm

depth 55cm

height 97cm

useful output 2.5/8 kW

efficiency 91.5%

fuel consumption (pellet) 0.6/1.8kg/h

tank capacity 15kg

autonomy 5/20h

Ø combustion product outlet 8cm

Ø external air intake 4cm

total weight 197kg

vol. that can be heated 210m³