Demy Dual Combustion Stove

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Demy is a dual combustion stove which use both wood pellets and logs.

When it is set to use pellets, it can be programmed to switch on and off at the desired times, offering reliable comfort, adjusted to suit your specific needs.

When set to burn wood, it creates the atmosphere of a traditional wood burner, maximises savings, and can even be used without electricity.

“Ignite-wood” function allows to ignite the wood form the pellet combustion process during the time it’s working and by a scheduled ignition program too. Furthermore, if the wood in the combustion chamber runs out, the stove will pass automatically to pellet mode, ensuring the set temperature is maintained.

Also available with casing in grey or white screen-printed glass.


• e-Brusher system for optimised cleaning of the crucible
• Leonardo system
• Operation using natural convection
• High-capacity pellet hopper
• Combustion chamber in refractory material
• Cast-iron door.
• Upper smoke output
• Remote control.

Technical data   min/max

width 107cm

depth 45,5cm

height 105cm

fireplace mouth measurement (W x D x H) 29x30x33cm

useful output (wood)-(pellet) 5/10 – 3/10kW

efficiency (wood)-(pellet) 85,8 – 90%

fuel consumption (wood)-(pellet) 1,3/2,5 – 0,7/2,3kg/h

tank capacity (pellet) 45kg

autonomy (pellet) 18/60h

Ø combustion product outlet 15cm

Ø external air intake 16cm

total weight 292kg

vol. that can be heated 260