Pellkamin 12 Pellet Stove

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A pellet burning fireplace, with a lovely 16:9 window to see the fire with.


• cast iron combustion chamber
• top smoke outlet
• daily/weekly programming
• glass door
• ductable hot air on
• can be installed near the floor
• RELAX function
• NIGHT function

Trapdoor filling with right hand slide.

Technical datamin/max

width 93cm

depth 62cm

height 58cm

useful output 3.5/12 kW

efficiency 90.2%

fuel consumption (pellet) 0,8/2.8kg/h

tank capacity 17kg

autonomy 6/18h

Ø combustion product outlet 8cm

Ø external air intake 4cm

total weight 220kg

vol. that can be heated 315m³