Lou Pellet Stove

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An “airtight” pellet stove, ideal for any home, including modern passive homes. It features a modern design with soft lines, and black or white glass casing.


• Leonardo system
• Firebox in vermiculite
• Optional forced ventilation system
• Double door
• Remote control with display
• Innovative hatch with air passage chamber for excellent glass cleaning

• GSM, can be used to turn the equipment on and off remotely using a mobile phone.

Technical datamin/max

width 46cm

depth 52cm

height 112cm

useful output 2.4/8 kW

efficiency 93%

fuel consumption (pellet) 0.5/1.9kg/h

tank capacity 24kg

autonomy 11/42h

Ø combustion product outlet 8cm

Ø external air intake 4cm

total weight 204kg

vol. that can be heated 210m³